March 17, 2017

    The IUDCF is clearly becoming one of the coolest new Ukrainian dance festivals around the world.  What is it?  This festival brings together Ukrainians from all around the world to celebrate and share their passion for Ukrainian dance, music and culture....

February 16, 2016

   This July in Lviv, on the occasion of 125 years of Ukrainian immigration to Canada, there will be a one of kind International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival to be held with participants from all over the world.  This year will also be the year to celebrate...

November 19, 2015

    There are many qualifications that make a good dance instructor.  Some dance instructors have danced with Virsky or one of the many amazing ensembles in Ukraine.  Others trained at the Institute of Culture in Kyiv or other such places of learning.  Many instructors...

April 30, 2015


  There are plenty of them around and they’re all a little different but they each have one thing in common which is they bring Ukrainian dancers together for an amazing exhibition of dance.  Some dancers are getting on stage for the very first time while others are a...

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