June 2, 2017

    In Memory of Miss Lusia Pavlychenko.

    Choreography: L. Pavlychenko; Adaptation: S. Koroliuk;

    Musical Arrangement: S. Kushniruk.
Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble, Saskatoon, Canada.

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May 28, 2015

    Spread out between the mountainous land of Hutsuls and the charming Buko country is an interesting and unique region of Pokuttia. The name can be explained the following way – Pokuttia is located on the very edge (in Ukrainian – ‘kut’, «кут») of the Carpathian regi...

May 6, 2015

    Kalyna (The kalyna on the hill). The Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble.

Choreography - Rafail Malinovsky

Adaptation - Serhij Koroliuk


    Kyiv Concert, Legacy Tour 2013


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