Bratstva school of dance in Dauphin, MB

Bratstva School of Dance is seeking instructors for the 2018-2019 dance season to instruct ages 3-16 years.

Practices held Sundays in Dauphin, MB. Wages to be negotiated based off education & experience.

Contact or our Facebook page – Bratstva Studios Ukrainian Dance. 



The St. Paul & District Ukrainian Dance Club


is seeking an experienced, creative, energetic dance instructor to choreograph and teach dance skills to approximately 70 dancers ranging between the ages of 14-18 years.  Our dance club is well-established and consists of dedicated parents and dancers who strive for active learning, participation and fun while doing so.  St. Paul is located 2 hours North East of Edmonton and runs practices 2 times a week (negotiable), and during festival season our club will attend 2-3 festivals. Our club enjoys learning, sharing and participating in Ukrainian Culturally based initiatives within our community.  If you are interested in joining our team or require more information please contact our Club President, Tannis Baerg at 780.210.5429. We look forward to hearing from you.

St. Paul & District Ukrainian Dance Club

Box 852

St. Paul, AB  T0A 3A0

Deadline for application is:  July 5th, 2017

Job Description – Dance Director, May 2017

    Based in Edmonton, the Viter Ukrainian Dancers & Folk Choir (“Viter”) are a performing ensemble dedicated to preserving, developing and promoting Ukrainian culture through song and dance. Viter's performances foster a greater awareness of Ukrainian heritage among its members and the public in Edmonton, Canada, and abroad.

Organizational Structure

    The artistic team of Viter is comprised of two Dance Directors and one Choral Director (collectively the “Artistic Team”). Together, this team will provide leadership and direction on all artistic aspects of Viter. The Artistic Team reports to the Board of Directors of Viter (the “Board”).

Position Profile

    In conjunction with other members of the Artistic Team, the Dance Director(s) will deliver an artistic mandate (to be ratified by the Board thereafter) which includes both “dance only” and “choir only” pieces as well as combined song and dance components. Such song and dance components shall be a collaborative effort with the Viter Ukrainian Folk Choir, under the direction of the Choral Director.

   Dance Director(s) will provide high quality dance training, choreography and artistic leadership to the Viter Ukrainian Dancers in order to achieve the artistic mandate. The Artistic Team will share responsibilities and artistic liberties necessary to bring the artistic plans of Viter to fruition.

    The Dance Instructor(s) will begin dancer rehearsals in September 2017, however collaborative meetings and planning sessions with the Artistic Team may commence as early as July 2017.

General Duties

  • Facilitate the maintenance and review of Viter’s objectives in collaboration with the Artistic Team and Board;

  • Prepare and execute an artistic plan that reflects the objectives of Viter, in collaboration with the Artistic Team, including approximate timelines for the plan and its delivery;

  • Prepare written artistic reports, in collaboration with the Artistic Team, as required for the purposes of attaining funding from funding agencies, sponsors and donors and for monthly Board meetings;

  • In conjunction with the Board and Artistic Team, provide estimated project figures for the budget (ie. costumes, music composition, workshops) in order co-ordinate the artistic plan for the year and ensure that its delivery remains within budgetary parameters;

  • Act as a Viter spokesperson for any media exposure;

  • Travel with Viter on all tours and act as a Viter spokesperson on all trips;

  • Attend all Viter General Meetings.


Artistic Duties

  • Facilitate, in conjunction with the Artistic Team, the artistic vision of each Viter production and performance by working closely with guest directors, designers (costume, set and props), choreographers, composers, writers, performers, technicians and other artistic personnel;

  • Oversee and actively participate in six (6) hours per week of rehearsals according to the set rehearsal schedule (Sundays 6-9 pm, Thursdays 7-10 pm), providing training in classical, character and Ukrainian Technique;

  • Create appropriate, interesting and innovative dance choreography which both challenges dancers and continues to grow the reputation of Viter as a unique and accomplished company, while maintaining the goal of Viter to preserve Ukrainian culture and tradition through song and dance;

  • In collaboration with the Artistic Team, give final approval on all artistic elements and show structure representing the ensemble including choreography, final designs of costumes and selection of music;

  • Facilitate and be present at all dancer auditions and performances, unless alternative arrangements are made with the Artistic Team

  • Oversee theatre/venue set up, technical rehearsal and performance time;

  • Collaborate with the Board and Artistic Team to plan & implement workshops, which may involve guest choreographers or instructors, as required for execution of the artistic plan;

  • Oversee and facilitate photoshoots for Viter performers as required for media/marketing materials

  • Perform administrative duties and research as needed for the development & execution of the artistic plan;

  • In collaboration with artistic team, determine the feasibility of all performance requests and work with the Board to determine key details as required for ratification of the request.


Required Skills and Experience

  • Successful candidates will possess the following skills/qualities:

  • minimum 5 years of previous Ukrainian dance instruction/direction of a performing ensemble which includes character dance, ballet and other relevant dance forms;

  • previous dance experience at a senior level supplemented by performance/workshop experience in Canada and/or Ukraine;

  • ability to direct, manage and teach in the studio and be a leader and role model to dancers;

  • ability to collaborate with the Artistic Team and the Board;

  • knowledge of Ukrainian culture/folklore and various styles/music/lexicon of Ukrainian dance;

  • knowledge of regional accuracy when selecting music and costumes;

  • optimistic and motivating;

  • prior experience working in/with a song and dance ensemble would be considered an asset.


Application Process

1. Interested person(s) are asked to submit a resume/CV by email to, which shall set out all previous teaching experience, dance training, personal references, links to any videos showcasing choreographic skills (i.e. YouTube, Dropbox, etc.), any other relative qualifications and contact information.

2. Viter’s Hiring Committee will review all submissions and potential candidates will be contacted to arrange a meeting/interview with the Hiring Committee.

3. Upon successful completion of an interview, negotiation of contract terms will commence through the Board of Directors and a formal offer will be made to the candidate.
This application shall remain open until a suitable candidate has been found.

The Yorkton Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble

was registered in 1981, but has been active as a dance troupe since the 1960’s.

    Troyanda strives to fulfill its primary goal of providing an opportunity for our young people to express themselves through dance and to develop an appreciation for one of the most beautiful Ukrainian traditions.


    Yorkton Troyanda has a very busy and thriving student body of approximately 130 dancers ranging in age from 3 years old to adult dancers. We are looking to add to our instruction team for the 2017-2018 dance season.

Instructor requirements for Yorkton Troyanda:


Have previous training and experience in all regions of Ukrainian dance.

Our dancers currently work in the Shumka Syllabus during regular classes therefore Shumka Syllabus training will be considered a strong asset. Ballet training is also highly valued in our 2017-2018 Instruction Team.

Choreography experience will be considered an asset, but we are flexible with guest choreography.

Must be available for regular classes during the weekday evenings, and 2-4 weekends during the competition season.

Ability to work with dancers ranging in age from 3 to 18 years old in a positive and encouraging environment while maintaining discipline and structure.

Instructors will need to communicate and work effectively with the Board of Directors.

Instructor contract will include:

Hourly dance instruction rate

Professional fee to attend concerts and festivals

Mileage (if applicable)


    If you are interested in being a part of the Troyanda Ukrainian Dance Ensemble Instruction Team, please forward your resume, including references, via email to by June 1, 2017.


    Our schedule is currently flexible for 2017-2018 planning, so please include weekday availability, including start time, with your resume.


    For more information, please contact Verena at (306) 621-6171, or Kara at (306) 621-7127.

Camrose Veselka Ukrainian Dance Society (CVUDS)


    is currently seeking a dance instructor for the 2017-2018 dance season.

    Application deadline: May 15, 2017.

    Instruction takes place on Wednesday evenings from September to April;

Monday may be a possibility.

    Occasional weekends will be required. Previous experience, with instruction and dance,

would be preferred.

    Must be proficient at creating choreography of a variety of regions and working

with a diverse age range.

    Interviews will be conducted the last two weeks of May.

    For more information please contact Kyla Joyce, President of CVUDS, at 780-226-9986.  

    Please forward resume and references to:

Ukrainian Committee of Peace River

~Muzyka Ukrainian Dance Club~


    Application Deadline: April 21st, 2017


    The Muzyka Ukrainian Dancers are looking for an experienced Ukrainian Dance Instructor to become part of the Muzyka Dance family.  The Muzyka Dance Club has promoted Ukrainian culture through dance for over 40 years in Northern Alberta.


Job Title:             Dance Instructor


Job Term:            One-Year Renewal Contract beginning August 2017


Salary Range:      $25,000 - $30,000 per year (based on experience & commitments)


Location:             Peace River, Alberta – 500 km northwest of Edmonton


Hours:                 1 week day (negotiable) – September to May – 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Job Description:

Choreograph and instruct Ukrainian dancing for dancers ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old for approximately 25-40 dancers.

Conduct 2 – 3 dance workshops throughout the year.

Choreograph annual year-end concert, preferably with a storyline.

Be able to attend two festivals, Malanka, and year-end concert.


Preferred Skills & Qualifications:

Extensive training and experience in Ukrainian dance.  Knowledge and experience in other areas of dance would be an asset.

Extensive knowledge and understanding of regional choreography, music, and costuming are required.

Ability to work with dancers ranging in age from 4 to 18 years old in a positive and encouraging environment while maintaining discipline and structure.

Able to effectively communicate and work with Executive members.



Our club holds weekly practices in a dance studio in downtown Peace River.

Practice ballet barres are available.

Extensive inventory of regional and character costuming and props available.


Contract to Include:

Hourly dance instruction rate

Professional fee to attend concerts and festivals

Professional fee to instruct workshops

Fee per diem


Accommodations can be discussed

For more information, please contact Kamber Ferriss at 780-618.8187.

Please submit resume by e-mail to or mail to

            Ukrainian Committee of Peace River

            Box 5192

            Peace River, AB  T8S 1R9

Part-time Contract

AUDA's Research on Folk Dance Companies in Ukraine on YouTube


    Application Deadline: Until a suitable candidate is found


Are you someone who is always on YouTube looking for the latest postings of Ukraine’s state-recognized regional Ukrainian dance companies and choreographers? Are you someone who is at an advanced level of knowledge of Ukrainian regional folk dance? How would you like to spend 3-4 hours per month for a year, starting July 1, doing research and postings for AUDA? AUDA will pay $100 per month for your contract services. You will report to AUDA’s Executive Director, Andrew Wujcik, who will review your recommendations, your record of research, and post the links on AUDA’s website.


If you have ideas on making this undertaking a success, please submit no more than a two-page electronic submission proposal for hiring consideration along with your resume.

Title your email “YouTube Dance Research” and send it to:



Bratstva school of dance


Bratstva school of dance is seeking an instructor/instructors for the 2015-2016 dance season.

There are 3 different age levels:

4-6 years old

7-9 years

13-14 years old


Rehearsals take place on sundays in Dauphin, MB beginning in September.

For more details and information call (204) 572-6287 or