We thought it would be fun to feature some of the different people we have coming on the UDWT this year!

This is our 5th year and we have shared our amazing experience with Ukrainian dancers, teachers, choreographer and friends from around the world.  We’ve explored different regions, dances, music, songs, choreography, food and drinks and we want you to know who are the people sharing with us!



Larisa Makuch and Taras Pawluk from Toronto, ON, Canada 

Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour
Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour

    Meet Larisa and Taras – official Ukrainian dance junkies. They’ve both been Ukrainian dancing since 4 & 5 years of age, danced with several Ukrainian dance companies and travelled across the globe sharing our love and passion for Ukrainian dance.


    The two met more than 7 years ago at a DESNA Ukrainian Dance Company rehearsal in Toronto and have been inseparable since. Together they’ve rehearsed, performed, taught, toured, worked on executive teams, restarted the DESNA School of Ukrainian Dance and even began studying ballet at The National. Needless to say, dance and Ukrainian culture have been a very special part of their lives. 


    'In June 2015, we took the plunge and decided to get married. We called the Cobblestone crew and asked if it would be possible to work something out during our Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour. They made it happen. 


    We thought our wedding day would be special. The entire experience was beyond our wildest dreams. The Cobblestone Crew arranged every detail: the church, priest, food, wagon ride, three wedding breads, beeswax candles carved with oak leaves and so many other special details. The best surprise was having the most outstanding photographers and videographers. Our day was magical and captured to share with our family (and many more on You Tube) back home.' - says the couple


    We are so happy to be welcoming Taras and Larisa for Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour - their forth time! 


    We can’t wait to dance hard, play hard, reunite with good friends and make new ones along the way.


Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour

 This year we will be joined by Shaunda Arsenie from Saskatoon, SK, Canada 

Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour
Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour

    Shaunda has danced with Pavlychenko Folklorique Ensemble under the direction of Serhij Koroliuk since 2008 and before that, danced with Yevshan between 2003 and 2006.  She studied a year abroad in Brisbane, Australia where she took ballet and contemporary dance classes to fill the Ukrainian Dance Void. 

    She now teaches at Boyan Ukrainian Dance Association in Saskatoon and have been there since 2003. She is also direct the Performing/Travelling group that is an extension of Boyan, BOT (Boyan on Tour) which has been in existence since 2012 and was created as a way for older, and committed students in Boyan take their dancing to the next level and/ or to prepare for being a part of a semi-professional group. 

    Fun fact about Shaunda - She will be starting grad studies to do research on knee injuries and leg strength in Ukrainiain Dancers.

    We look forward to sharing this great trip to Poland and Ukraine to study Lemko, Volyn, and Polissia together! 


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