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We all know and love red boots, but did you know this about the history of this intergral attribute of Ukrainian Culture & Tradition?

Turns out Red Boots weren't as typical for Ukrainians as we thought! Well, at least not all Ukrainians! Yellow, black or even green boots were far more widespread than red boots.

Red boots were always a sign of wealth! They were also very symbolic. Red boots were often used in rituals. For example, men were supposed to give their loved ones a pair of red boots to express their true love and committment. Sometimes they were even expected to make the boots themselves.

At weddings, a girl changing from her 'postoly' (leather slippers/sandals) into red boots marked the transition from her being a single girl to a married woman.

There are numerous songs, folk tales and traditions in Ukrainian culture involving boots too, including some pretty funny or even weird ones.

Girls would use boots for fortune telling rituals on St. Andrew's day, zabavas and weddings, of course.

At the end of a wedding reception, the bride was supposed to take the boots off of her newly-acquired husband's feet, symbolizing her obedience, and then beat him up with those very boots, as a symbol of bonding, equality and future procreation!

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