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Motanky dolls

Motanky dolls

Motanky dolls, also known as knot dolls, in Ukrainian culture are known as an ancient amulet.

Motanky dolls

From the olden times this national Ukrainian doll has played the part of a guardian in each family. The doll symbolizes women’s wisdom, the Mother figure, and the unbreakable connection between generations. For thousands and thousands of years this doll has been considered the guardian symbol of a family.

Making a doll, a woman is supposed to invest her energy, positive thoughts, and wishes into this sacred object.

Motanky differ from ordinary toys by having no face. Instead, they have the solar sign – symbol of the sun and welfare, that encompasses the energy from all four corners of the world.

During the making of motanky one is not supposed to use scissors or a needle, this way keepig this positive energy intact.

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