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Prolisok Ukrainian Dance Ensemble


Kirovohrad is located in the heart of Ukraine. And it is not surprising that it was here that true Ukrainian stage folk dance was born. Nearby Kirovohrad, one can visit Hamlet ‘Hope’ - the family estate of writer and theater activist Ivan Karpenko-Kary (Tobilevych). Here, his brother, Mykola Sadowski, founded the Ukrainian domestic theater. After joining the theatre troupe Vasyl Verkhovynets brought Ukrainian dance out on stage.


Verkhovynets not only created folk dance productions for Mykola Sadowski’s plays, but also created performance-divertissements, which he called 'dance evenings'. This talented choreographer and folklorist intended not only to show the beauty of dance, but to build a solid theoretical foundation for the development of choreography. Driven and motivated he wrote the "Theory of Ukrainian folk dance" - the first systematic work of its kind.

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A worthy successor of Verkhovynets’ works was his disciple - Vasyl Avramenko, who continued to work on the collection and promotion of Ukrainian folk dance abroad. Verkhovynets promoted Ukrainian dance in his homeland while Avramenko took it farther – he took it around the world. In Ukraine his mission was continued by celebrated masters of Ukrainian dance who devoted their entire lives to the preservation and cultivation of folk art: Pavlo Virsky, Anatoly Kryvokhyzha, Clara Balogh, Darius Lastiwka, Raphail Malinowski, Oleksiy Homon, Yaroslav Chuperchuk and others.

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It is not surprising that these Great Teachers raised worthy students. Anatoly Kryvokhyzha became one of those proud teachers. In 1970 under the direction of Kryvokhyzha Anatoly Korotkov worked in the renowned'Yatran' ensemble. Back then, Korotkov, a the young dancer new to the world of choreography, couldn’t even imagine that 40 years from then the company he created would be known all over the world and receive a number of awards. The idea of the name was almost accidental. After the first performance of Korotkov’s Children's Ensemble parents and other audience members pretty much covered the stage with spring violets and bluebells (in Ukrainian called ‘prolisok’). Someone said, "Well, here you go, now your group found its name!"

At that time 'Prolisok' did not have their own studio, they had to move from one rehearsal hall to another, not having much of a choice. It was then that Anatoly Korotkov decided to create his own art school. And in the mid 80's,

Vasyl Bosyy

within less than a year, the perfect building was constructed - ballet halls, wardrobe, classrooms, locker rooms - everything children needed for learning and developing. For kids studying at the school ‘Prolisok’ in a way is a springboard, a practical base, where they can train and perfect their dancing skills.

Company members have the privilege of being taught by Ukrainian dance gurus such as Anatoly Korotkov, Vasyl Bosyy and Viktor Pokhylenko.

In 2013, Ukrainian Dance World together with Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour members was lucky to attend seminars at this school. Everyone was simply amazed at the level of professionalism, education and provision the school boasts. And even more so, participants struck by the skill and performance level of the "Prolisok" dancers. It makes perfect sense that it was in Kirovohrad that Ukrainian stage dance takes its beginning. A private concert put on by "Prolisok" dancers for the Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour members is a must see. As put by one of the tour members ‘This is what dreams are made of!’.

Please follow this link and enjoy the show! - Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour Private Performance by the 'Prolisok' dancers.

If you’d like to learn about Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour 2015 and participation conditions, please click here.

Photo credits: Larisa Makuch; www.prolisok.org

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