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Christmas beliefs, traditions, customs


Main signs and folk customs

If Christmas falls on a Sunday, which happens quite often, it means that in the summer we will appreciate a good harvest.

If there’s a blizzard on Christmas, spring will arrive early. Tree branches covered in frost on Christmas day and a clear starry sky are a delight to all farmers, because it means that in the coming year the harvest will be great for grains.


A snowy Christmas means we’ll get to enjoy a warm early spring, otherwise, we won’t get to put our winter coats away for quite a bit!

Christmas Do's and Don'ts

Since Christmas is a religious holiday, there are certain prohibitions. People believed that if you broke these rules, you’d be facing serious consequences. Under no circumstances was one allowed to kill animals during the Christmas holidays, especially hunt them. Killing innocent creatures, their blood shed would leave a dark mark on the whole year of your life.

Take care of all your belongings, clothes in advance, as on Christmas it is forbidden to sew. Those who violate the ban could have problems with their eyesight. Wearing old clothes on Christmas was believed to bring bad luck. People believed this would bring poverty in the new year.

On Christmas Eve people made sure the first person to enter the house was a male. A woman entering the house first could bring illnesses for those living in that house. Also, on Christmas people were not allowed to fight, steal or cheat.


Christmas beliefs and rituals to attract money into your life

On Christmas, it is customary to go visit the closest people – family and friends. It is also important to have people over at your place. Always offer the best treats to your guests with all sincerety.

Get yourself a gift for Christmas. During the holidays, light 10 candles in your house. They will attract warmth into your life.

On Christmas day everyone should be happy, satisfied and fed. Only this way the people around you will attract good fortune and prosperity into your life.


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