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Veseli Cherevychky
«I was blown away. These aren’t just children dancing. These are true professionals».

This was the reaction of a French reporter Jean-Claude D’Arrigo, who attended a performance of the «Veseli Cherevychky» ensemble, in France in 1995. Wherever the kids performed they always left the audiences awe struck.

Veseli Cherevychky

«Veseli Cherevychky» («Jolly Boots») – Children’s vocal-choreographic ensemble - was founded in 1990 in Lviv Secondary School No 6. The youngest participants are only 3.5 years, and the oldest - 14. They are all dancers, singers, actors. Despite the performers’ young age, all the productions are executed on a high professional level - the merit of both the dancers and the artistic team, the teachers, artistic directors etc.

The repertoire of about 25 numbers includes dances, songs, choreographic and vocal-choreographic productions, jocular scenes, and rhymed announcements based on the traditions, rites and customs of the Ukrainian people.

The ensemble won prizes at competitions and festivals in 1992 ("Under the Constellation of the Lion"), 1993 ("Christmas Holidays") and I994 ("Your Talents, Ukraine"), and was awarded with an honorary diploma of "The Carpathian Ornaments" international festival.

Veseli Cherevychky

«VESELI CHEREVYCHKY» have showcased their talent on the stages of army units, industrial enterprises of Lviv and Lviv region and attracted wide audiences in Sevastopil, Kyiv; in Poland and Germany, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic ocean. They were among 82 ensembles selected and invited from all around the world to Disneyland (France), where they fascinated the French audiences with their art.

«The art of little performers, talented and profoundly national, has caused enthusiasm of the refined French audience, and attracted attention of mass media» - this is a quotation from the letter of the Ambassador of Ukraine in France Mr. Kochubey.

«We sincerely love our land, we love Ukraine» - these are the starting and the finishing words of the program of the little performers, and they split this love into myriads of warm rays warming up the hearts of the audiences.

Veseli Cherevychky

This year, in June, Ukrainian Dance World is inviting you to meet with the «Veseli Cherevychky» ensemble during the annual Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour!

Learn more about this one of a kind event here!

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