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Ukrainian Dance Festivals and Competitions


There are plenty of them around and they’re all a little different but they each have one thing in common which is they bring Ukrainian dancers together for an amazing exhibition of dance. Some dancers are getting on stage for the very first time while others are already seasoned stage veterans. In this issue we’d like to talk about the festivals in Western Canada, which seems to have more than anywhere else in the world. Ardrossan, Grande Prairie, St. Paul, Veeteretz, Prince Albert, Troyanda, Lloydminster, PFE Showcase, North Battleford, Athabasca and others. Still to come are Cheremosh, BC, Calgary, Vegreville, Dauphin, Yorkton and of course Brandon Festivals. What’s the point of all these festivals? Here’s a few reasons:

1. a great chance for dancers to get on stage and perform for friends and family

2. a little pressure pushes them to perfect their skills

3. a great fundraiser for the host clubs

4. an opportunity for dancers to get feedback on their skills

5. a chance for instructors to get feedback on their choreography

6. a fantastic place for dance teachers to talk shop and discuss the craft of teaching UD

7. a great place to make friends

For the audience, you can see great choreography, celebrate skills and enjoy the fact that Ukrainian culture is being nurtured. Tell us about a festival in your neck of the woods. Which festival do you like best and why?

Write to us and tell us which festivals are your favourites and we will share some of you comments in the next newsletter and on our website. Once festival will be recognized by UDW and the best Ukrainian Dance Festival of 2015. Who will it be?

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