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Do you have a good dance instructor?

DO you have a good dance instructor

There are many qualifications that make a good dance instructor. Some dance instructors have danced with Virsky or one of the many amazing ensembles in Ukraine. Others trained at the Institute of Culture in Kyiv or other such places of learning. Many instructors have ballet, theatre character dance and/or gymnastics training. Some have education degrees. Don’t forget the ones who have danced and trained in Ukrainian ensembles throughout the world. Others have simply been teaching for so long that they are self taught experts in their field!

DO you have a good dance instructor

Some important characteristics of a dance instructor might be that they themselves have some dance experience and training; that they are reliable and trustworthy; they communicate with the group and with the students. They should know something about Ukrainian culture, music and costumes etc… or at least be willing to learn.

The fact is, there is there is no one way of training dancers, choreographers or instructors. The most important quality of a Ukrainian dance instructor is that they care and are passionate about what they do. That can’t be taught or trained into anyone!

DO you have a good dance instructor

If your instructor really wants the best for their students and for future generations of Ukrainian dancers - you’ve got a good one. So support your dance instructor. In some cases this is their hobby. If they make a living teaching dance, they’re surely not getting rich doing it. They are torch bearers of our precious Ukrainian culture and if you knock them down rather than build them up - who will carry the torch then?

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