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New Year. Christmas. These are very special times for each and every one of us. In Ukraine, the festivities usually began on January 6 with Christmas Eve and ended on January 19 with Epiphany, with New Year in the middle – January 14 (people in Ukraine now celebrate January 1, but also don’t turn down an opportunity to party an extra time, according to the old tradition). Entering a new period, a new year, we sanctify this time with the best feelings, wishes of good luck, health, wealth and harmony in the family to others and to ourselves.

These very motives and sentiments make up the secular rituals of New Year celebrations in Ukraine: kutia placed in the centre of one’s house as a way to honor the family - from the ancestors to the future generations; generous ‘sowing’ of neighbors’ homes as wishes of good luck; carols to honor the hosts and their children. Only when we get back to our spiritual sources, the bright lights of the Christmas tree will bring a real holiday and real happiness to our homes. The way we honor our ancestors, cherish our traditions and our background, will directly affect our today and the future of our family.

Happy Holidays! Веселих Свят! We'll see you all next year

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