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Jumping Perogies

We all know that part of being a Ukrainian dancer is the camaraderie and the good times. With that often comes the parties, the zabava’s the drinks and the food. Not to mention all the weddings and Christmas parties. Then comes easter and before you know it - it’s summer and the beers taste so good! Well just before we dig into our Christmas feasting season - it’s not a bad time to reflect on, as dancers, how healthy eating can affect our health and ultimately our dancing.

I used to hate that one person could eat all they want and never put on a pound. But we’re not all cut from the same cloth. FACT - we don’t all digest food the same way. You have to choose your diet according to your own genetic makeup. Some of us don’t digest gluten or sugar the same as others. There are plenty of articles on this - use google. My point is that if you want to be fit as a dancer - you have to make decisions that represent that wish. Example: I want to be a bit lighter on my feet! Answer

  • Have 3 - 5 perogies instead of 17 - 21

  • Have a vodka and water instead of DROWNING it in coke or ginger ale

  • Go for a walk after dinner - seriously - it helps with digestion

  • stretch it out - this also helps with digestion

Another thing many dancers DON”T UNDERSTAND is that our metabolism changes as we age. When you’re younger you can eat and drink as you wish. In that time, we develop habits that don’t easily change when our metabolism decides to slow down. So just cause you could eat pizza at midnight when you were 16 doesn’t mean your body will digest in the same way now that you are 26.

You eating habits can affect not only your weight but also your flexibility, the health of your knees, ankles, backs and overall health.


So eat smart, have fun and be ready to represent yourself and your culture on stage at the next Malanka, Zabava, Winter concert or the next grande tour you are going on! If you’re going to be a dancer and be light on your feet - you can’t have too many perogies weighing you down.

Enjoy your culture my friends - don’t weigh yourself down with it!



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