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Ukrainian dance is an important and vibrant part of the Ukrainian community and instructors are the key to making sure that groups continue to succeed. But what can we do to continue to make sure the quality of instructors remains high?

At Ukrainian Dance World – we strongly believe that studying and dancing in Ukraine has a huge influence on dancers, instructors and choreographers that live and work in our communities.

Instructors must balance the needs of a variety of skills and levels and pay attention to the different needs of both boys and girls; they must also have the culture and dance knowledge to teach a folk dance and are occasionally called upon to be "creative" as well!

Dance instructors are in many ways the torch-bearers of Ukrainian culture in our communities!

Many clubs are very supportive and encourage their instructors’ desire to learn more by contributing to the costs of professional development workshops. If you can support your instructors in any way, your club will reap the rewards for years to come!

Ukrainian Dance World has developed a series of training, performing and travel opportunities for both Ukrainian dance instructors and dancers of various levels. Our first and so far most successful project is the Ukrainian Dance Workshop Tour.


Every year we take dancers, instructors and choreographers on a dance and culture expedition to Ukraine to take master classes with famous choreographers from the specific regions of Ukraine where the dances actually come from. Focusing on a couple of regions at a time, participants are given a chance to delve into the specifics of each and every region, combined with time for sightseeing and cultural exploration.

We have studied in Volyn, Polissia, Bukovyna, Hutsulshchyna and Transcarpathia as well as hosted workshops in Poland and Romania. In 2019 we are taking our group of Ukrainian dance enthusiasts to Podillia where we will explore the specifics of Vinnytsia and Kamianets-Podilskiy with workshops at the famous Virksy studio, Pokuttia region in Kolomiya, and free time in Lviv.


The tour begins in Kyiv where we will study with the incredible Virsky Ensemble, learn the amazing choreography and see for ourselves how this legendary ensemble works. From there we will travel to other regions, enjoying a combination of workshops, viewing private performances, seeing costumes, learning the music, doing sightseeing and exploring everything else that Ukraine has to offer! An experience like this will be the fuel to inspire instructors and their passion for years to come.


We hope that you will consider supporting your instructor in this enrichment opportunity!

For more information about the tour, please e-mail us ukrdanceworld@gmail.com or visit our Tour Operator Partner’s website at: www.cobblestonefreeway.ca

Hope to see your dance instructor at the dance studios in Ukraine!

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