Ukrainian dance is hugely popular today


    We believe that because of Ukrainian dance, many people have maintained their connection with Ukrainian culture and heritage. Not everyone in the diaspora has maintained their language or stayed connected with the church, but dance has been one popular and recognizable way to stay Ukrainian.

    Ukrainian dance is about culture, history, music, friends, community, identity and heritage, it is the way that we pay tribute to our ancestors and our homeland.

    Those growing up with Ukrainian dance should feel very lucky, as it allows us all to learn, travel, exercise and meet amazing people. Dance isn’t always easy, but it can be a reward great enough to last many lifetimes.

    Because of dance we learn to laugh and love, find true friendships and to cry – all of which make us better and stronger.

    Ukrainian Dance World – The Magazine! attempts to take that sentiment and place it on paper. May it inspire dancers and non-dancers alike. For there is nothing that compares to dozens of bodies moving in the same fluid way, to the same piece of beautiful music, in the same incredible costumes, feeling the same extraordinary rush.

This is the culture of Ukraine at its finest – the uniting of souls in the most primal of means, dance.

Thank you for reading!

Vincent Rees, UDW Creator

Lana Nicole Niland, UDW Editor

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