Ukrainian Dancer of the Month

Nominate someone you know to be UDW’s Dancer of the Month.

If you know someone who is really passionate about Ukrainian dance and think they should be recognized as our Ukrainian Dancer of the Month, please send nominations to


Your nomination should include why you think this person should be recognized this month! 


Send us their name, age, name and location of dance group or school as well as other hobbies and fun facts. Please include a picture of them in costume along with a group picture if possible.


It does not matter where they're from - if they're 3 or 93; all ages, experience, and abilities welcome. 

A winner will be announced once a month in our newsletter, on our website and through our social media.  


 Ukrainian Dancer of the Month April 2016: Anthony Merivale, Melbourne Australia 

    Dancer at Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company

Formerly an avid Polish dancer, Anthony began learning Ukrainian Dance just over 2 years ago with Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company. 

    From the outset Anthony had the determination, commitment and ability to become a very strong Ukrainian dancer - something he has achieved in such a short amount of time, exemplified by his diversity of solos and natural stage presence. Already, he has successfully toured Australia and North America with Lehenda’s show Kazka, whilst also performing at Soyuzivka Ukrainian Heritage Centre, Australia's Hopak in the Park and many prestigious venues across Melbourne - a great achievement in a 2-year period!


    Relatively a newby to Ukrainian dance, Anthony embraces every aspect of what it is to be a Ukrainian dancer, leading him to be a much loved character of the Company, both on and off stage!

 Ukrainian Dancer of the Month March 2016: Savannah Mclean, Viter Ukrainian Dancers, Edmonton, Canada 

    Savannah Mclean has been dancing since she was very young.  She trained at Shumka Studios in Edmonton and with Dance Unlimited.  Following in the footsteps of her older brother and sister she recently began dancing with the Viter Ukrainian Dancers.  She is only 14 but tall for her years and has a lovely performance quality on stage.


    She is currently studying dance in Ukraine at the Virsky Studio along with other dancers from the diaspora for a week long intensive Spring Training Intensive.


   Savannah will be returning to Ukraine this summer with the Viter Ukrainian Dancers to perform at the International Ukrainian Dance & Culture Festival and tour around Ukraine.

    Annalise has been dancing since she was four years old and has never wavered from her dreams of dance. She puts extra time and dedication into her dancing by practicing at home and going to Shumka summer dance camp every year.
    This year was her last at Shumka School and, having recently auditioned for the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers she got in! Having been a dancer her whole life she is very thankful for everything she has achieved and all the friends she has made. She is a hard worker and never gives up on what she wants. Annalise loves taking pictures with her friends and dance family and is always excited to hang out with the people she loves.
Congratulations Annalise! Keep on dancing!

Julianna Wilson

Ukrainian Dancer of the Month October 2015: Annalise Chwok from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

    Julianna Wilson has been dancing for 7 years with the Veetertz Ukrainian Dance School and this year alone has won 8 gold medals. 


    Julianna was nominated as the Ukrianian dancer of the month because she feels very passionate about dance, and she loves getting in touch with her Ukrainian roots.  


    She chooses to Ukrainian dance because she has made lifelong friends, and sees a bright future for herself in her continuation of Ukrainian dance, language, and culture.


    She is currently in grade 6, and in her spare time enjoys being outside; either skiing, camping, or playing volleyball.


Congratulations Julianna! Keep on dancing! 

Ukrainian Dancer of the Month April 2015: Julianna Wilson from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Julianna Wilson

 Ukrainian Dancer of the Month December 2015: Nathan from Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

    Nathan is a grade 12 student who attends Glenlyon Norfolk School in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Eight years ago, he attended his first Ukrainian summer dance camp through the Veselka Ukrainian Dancers and he has been a dancer there ever since. Nathan has received recognition for his Ukrainian dance, including awards for group and solo performances at the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival and the Vegreville Ukrainian Pysanka Festival in Alberta, Canada. In recent years, Nathan has been invited to perform the Ukrainian dance number with the Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific (located in Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada) for their annual One World performance at Victoria's Royal Theatre. Nathan has traveled with the Veselka Dancers to Ukraine to study dance and Ukrainian culture; he has also attended Red Boot Camp in Alberta to improve his dance skills and knowledge. Nathan currently volunteers with the Veselka Ukrainian Dancers, helping teach 8 to 11 year old boys and girls.


    When he is not dancing, Nathan plays competitive basketball and enjoys doing research in supramolecular chemistry at the University of Victoria focusing on early disease detection, taking a portion of his work to local and national Science Fairs annually. He was recently invited to present his research at the fifth annual TEDx Victoria event.  His talk can be found on YouTube here:

Anthony Merivale